FREE ONLINE TRAINING with APA CE CREDITS *Available in English and Spanish

We are pleased to announce that registration for our upcoming online training course is now open! See details below. 

Date: February 02, 2022

Time: 1pm-5pm EST

Instructor: Skip Webb

Topic: Transition from Deceptive Results into Interrogation 

In this course we will review: 

  •  Understanding the psychological coping methods used under cognitive load and stress.
  • Stopping examinee denials upon being advised of the polygraph test results.
  • Transitional themes to facilitate movement from deceptive results into an interrogation. 
  • Instruction in conducting a successful direct positive confrontation. 
  • Theming methods to present the possibility of an outcome that is more positive than the obvious of being identified as the perpetrator and the judicial and social repercussions that follow.
  • Understanding the role emotional maturity, intelligence, social skills, and age play in the interrogational process. 

Cost: FREE

Location: Online via ZOOM


*To register please visit our Registration page listed below. 



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