Law Enforcement

Investigations & Pre-Employment Testing

Polygraph testing supports major crime units and investigations. The use of polygraph can assist in directing scarce resources (wiretap, surveillance and interview teams) towards the most appropriate person or target. When a suspect accepts and is successful with a polygraph test, your resources can focus on the other suspects/persons of interest.

Pre-employment testing, in conjunction with robust vetting and background investigations, helps to ensure that the candidate’s selected – forsworn member or support roles – are honest and forthcoming concerning their past activities.


National Security

Governments today face threats to maintaining good governance and security of information and processes. A candidate’s reliability and loyalty can be investigated, and with polygraph testing incorporated into the vetting and hiring process, agencies can have faith that the candidates hired are truly reliable and loyal.

Agencies at all levels of government are not immune to security risks posed by unreliable candidates and employees. Polygraph provides a means to assist in ensuring that everyone hired (in the agency) are forthcoming and honest concerning the issues most important to the agency.


Private Sectors

Personal Security & Vetting

Global commerce and business today require officials within the public and private sector to travel to areas that are deemed ‘dangerous’ with the threat of kidnapping or detainment. Our security courses train people on how to be proactive in protecting themselves in tenuous situations. These precautions can include scenarios such as kidnapping, detainment, or if found in a riot or cross-fire situation.


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