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Hazardous Avoidance Training Course (H.A.T)

Personal Security Course for Travelling Abroad

Whether you travel abroad as an oil and gas professional, an NGO, journalist, or travel for leisure, this course is imperative in ensuring you have all the tools necessary in order to return home safely. The aim of the Hazardous Awareness Training (HAT) course is to provide you with the ability to mitigate personal security threats while travelling abroad. As an international leader in training professionals in the public safety sector for over 61 years, Backster provides the most current course content based on lessons learned from the international conduct after capture community. Our instructional staff have over twenty years of experience in training government employees to operate in at-risk locations in the world. Specializing in personal recovery procedures, crisis negotiation, and international focus groups on conduct after capture. Our staff will provide the latest techniques and procedures to ensure you have the tools necessary to operate safely around the world. 


Course Outline

How We Educate

The training is conducted through a mix of both theory and practical exercises which focuses on the following areas:

  1. Planning Your Trip – Things to consider and precautions to take while planning your trip to enhance your safety;
  2. Situational Awareness and Avoidance – How to identify a possible threat to your safety and how to avoid it;
  3. Exploitation – Understanding when, where and how people may be exploited while travelling abroad;
  4. Sexual Exploitation – Understanding through case studies motivating factors of sexual exploitation while in a hostage or detainment situation;
  5. Psychology and Aspects of Captivity;
  6. Resilience – Coping mechanisms in detainment or a hostage situation;
  7. Communication – Internal and external communication strategies in a detainment or hostage situation;
  8. Recovery Procedures In a Detainment or Hostage Situation Abroad – Mechanisms and expectations.


  • Escape From Restraints
  • Half-Day Role Playing Scenario

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