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I was so excited to go to the Backster School of Lie Detection in 2014, and am still proud to be able to say I went there”. Scott W. Smith. Colorado Department of Corrections.

After administering over 35,000 polygraph tests I still believe that the Backster School was the best and most informative school that any polygraph examiner could attend. Research conducted today still reflects on teaching and research that was done by Cleve Backster. Other examiners in our firm who attended the Backster School keep their basic course notes available to them at an arm’s reach and still do refer to their course notes whenever they have a question.

Peter G. Pierangeli

PGP Polygraph

Backster School of Lie Detection was ahead of its time when it opened in 1959 and it still is. The school has equipped 1000s of examiners since its inception and carries a great deal of credibility in the marketplace. The recent acquisition of the Backster School by Limestone Technologies will advance the field with a commitment to well-researched education and cutting-edge technology. In your polygraph career, you will spend a good deal of time establishing your credibility as an examiner to many different decision makers. Let your education speak for itself.

Brian O’Riley Cobb

First, I have to say that this class was amazing and the instructor, Pat O’Burke, did a wonderful job explaining ALL the information that was presented. Pat was able to answer every question asked and give a word-picture or scenario answer also to help our understanding. I would have liked to have had charts to score every day! We were able to do several polygraph tests utilizing a mock scenario with volunteers, which was very helpful (more role-playing scenarios would have been even better). Pat also brought in other instructors that gave a wealth of information from their perspective and it was extremely helpful. I loved how well our class interacted and helped each other out. It is great to have made “friends” and not just have “classmates”. I am grateful to have been a part of this class!

Mary Lou K.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

This was a great class and I learned so much. Pat is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He took his time to thoroughly explain everything and answer questions. He covered the material completely, used personal experiences to show how this works in practical applications, and gave hands-on training appropriately to improve our skills and knowledge. The guest speakers and trainers were also helpful and assisted us in building our knowledge and skills. I especially liked that Pat had a wide range of experience with the numerous techniques and equipment. He gave an excellent comparison of them and he listed the pros and cons to each. Though the reading and study materials were difficult to understand at times, Pat made every effort to ensure we grasped the concepts. The Moodle is user-friendly. The discussion board is self-intuitive, and the class instruction material is easily accessible. I cannot recommend this course enough and I highly recommend Pat as an instructor. The class flowed very smoothly for me and I did not hear any complaints other than how difficult the material was. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Jason K.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

I have enjoyed the opportunity to attend polygraph training instructed by Pat O’Burke. Pat is clearly a very good interviewer and examiner, and he is able to present his knowledge to the class effectively – I appreciated the personal examples and anecdotes Pat shared with the class, which definitely kept the class entertaining. The guest evaluators/instructors (Dennis Westerman and Gordon Moore) were outstanding. It was good to be exposed to different approaches/styles of interviewing, and I picked up different tips from each of them. Their views also led to some excellent class discussions as opinions were shared.

James B.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

I think this was a great class. Pat did a great job presenting the material and engaging with the class. I think the practical exercises and chart scoring were the most helpful aspect of the class. I felt more comfortable with each practical exercise we ran, so I would have liked to run several more throughout the class. I also found it helpful to hear from the guest instructors as they presented different styles and perspectives. I enjoyed this course, and I think it fully prepared all of us to work as competent polygraph examiners. Thanks!

Jared P.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

An overall review of this course would be an exceptional one. I went into this course not knowing what to expect. Rumor had it, it was an extremely challenging course. However, no one had taken the course since the Backster school was bought and therefore, no one truly knew what to expect. It was far broader in material than I expected. I remember groaning at the fact that each test was going to be cumulative; however, in hindsight, it has helped me remember some very important information…and the cracks filled in with some not so important information that I am sure will be forgivingly forgotten soon. I enjoyed the guest speakers who were entertaining and made the material less painful to learn. I also enjoyed the guest polygraphists, Dennis Westerman and Gordon Moore. Both shared with us their preferred formats and scoring models as well as how they conduct their pre-test and post-test interviews. Not all instructors would be comfortable in allowing students to see any other way than their own. We also had the opportunity to experience both Lafayette and Limestone instruments. As my department is already using Lafayette, it didn’t force me to use an instrument I may not have the opportunity to continue using. If that were the case, I may not have had the opportunity to even take this course. I can see the advantage of attending this course from out of state. In the end, I am grateful I had the chance to take this course with Pat O’Burke as our instructor and experience it with an amazing group of classmates.

Darlene V.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

The instruction for the polygraph class was very appropriate for the amount and variety of the content. The early introduction to the equipment was helpful. It was also helpful to alternate the more collegiate level topics with less difficult topics. All of the instructors were clearly subject matter experts in their given field and that was useful in being confident that each lesson had value and was substantively correct.

Alan S.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

The quality and quantity of material you have been able to accumulate for this class is amazing. I enjoyed your lectures and the stories you shared as we moved through the materials. It really was a tremendous opportunity and learning experience. I can’t imagine anyone more knowledgeable or qualified to teach this.

Michael R.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

First off, I really enjoyed this class. I felt like we received an abundance of information that we will take with us as we learn and grow in this profession. I appreciate that you provided your own forms, links, research papers, etc. to help us gain the knowledge that we need to do polygraph. The forms helped Mike and I get our program off the ground, so thank you for that. I also appreciate that you set the standard for what it takes to be successful at polygraph. For example, the discussion posts along with the readings set it in our minds that this is a profession that is constantly changing and evolving and that we need to be willing to research and study to stay proficient. Thank you for that. I really appreciate this opportunity and I am thankful that Mike and I attended this class over any other. Your knowledge and experience go a long way in this profession. Also, we as a class are fortunate to have you as a resource in the future.

Justin R.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

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